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Most start-up and growth-phase B2B businesses are too busy dealing with daily fire drills to spend time developing a robust marketing strategy – and it shows.


Our six-step process will deliver a marketing playbook that gets results.

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Step 1: Align and Set Objectives

First, we work with your leadership and sales teams to understand your business goals, strategy, performance, and challenges, and define the marketing objectives and targets the marketing strategy will achieve. We also set expectations regarding the project timeline and deliverables.

Step 2: Research

Next, we’ll review any existing sales tools and marketing communications and research customer perceptions and competitive positioning.

Step 3: Build Strategic Framework

Using the data we’ve just collected in addition to the insights of your team and our own experience, we’ll then build out detailed profiles of your customers (buyer personas), value propositions, and key messages.

Step 4: Create Communications Plan and Budget

With clear definitions of who you’re targeting and what you want to say, we then flesh out where, when, and how you’ll communicate in a detailed communications plan. While developing the plan, we confirm costs and ensure the final plan fits your budget constraints.  

Step 5: Develop Measurement Plan

Next, we develop a plan to track and measure performance against the marketing objectives defined in Step 1, including an ROI calculation so you can track how much gross profit your marketing budget is returning to your business on a regular basis.

Step 6: Deliver Completed Strategy and Plan

The final deliverable includes a complete formal marketing strategy document and detailed 12-month communications plan and budget, formatted to your specifications and ready to be implemented. 

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