CMO Services

Executive marketing leadership and execution without the expense or headcount of a full-time VP of Marketing or CMO.

Fractional CMO Services

A “fractional” Chief Marketing Officer is a marketing executive who provides strategic marketing leadership to multiple businesses on a consultancy basis.

A fractional CMO performs the same functions as a traditional (full-time) CMO, but is only utilized by their client companies part-time. Although specific tasks vary depending on the needs of the business, typical responsibilities include the development and execution of the company’s marketing strategy and budget, market research, lead generation, communications, public relations, digital marketing, content marketing, and marketing analytics. 

Start-ups and small businesses, as well as larger high-growth businesses, and companies undergoing transformations (such as a merger or divestiture) often use on-demand executives such as fractional CMOs, allowing them to benefit from executive-level expertise without the expense or headcount.


Companies with existing marketing teams also use fractional CMOs when specific expertise and guidance is needed, such as during a new product launch, acquisition of another business, or rebranding.


Sometimes, companies who are currently searching for the perfect candidate to fill a full-time VP of Marketing or CMO role will use fractional CMO to temporarily fill the role so as not to lose momentum in the market, allowing them to take their time to find just the right candidate.

Fractional CMOs typically work on a retainer-basis, meaning clients pre-purchase a set amount of the consultant’s time per month or per quarter, depending on their needs and budget. While monthly and quarterly rates vary widely, you can expect to pay the equivalent of between $200/hr for an individual consultant to $1,500/hr for consultants from large agencies and firms.


Compare this to the fully-loaded cost of a full-time VP of Marketing or CMO, where salaries range from $175,000/yr on the low end to $350,000/yr or more, plus an additional 30% when benefits are included. 

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